"Strong will" tohow many livestrong bracelets sold safeguard HK, analysts say

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Rioters beat a Hong Kong resident to the ground in a street that they blocked in the city on Monday. [Photo/China Daily]

Xi"s remarks show resolve for "one country, two systems", analysts say

President Xi Jinping"s latest remarks on Hong Kong reflect the country"s strong will to safeguard the full implementation of the "one country, two systems" principle and bolster anti-rioting efforts in the special administrative region, according to analysts.

During the 11th BRICS Summit in Brasilia, Brazil, on Nov 14, Xi made clear that the most pressing task for Hong Kong is to end the violence and restore order.

He emphasized the central government"s determination to protect national sovereignty, security and development interests; to fully implement the "one country, two systems" principle; and to oppose any external force in interfering in Hong Kong"s affairs.

The president has sent a loud and clear message that China will foil conspiracies to disrupt the peace of Hong Kong and ensure the rule of law to protect the rights and lives of peaceful citizens, according to Gauhar Zahid Malik, executive editor of the Pakistan Observer based in Islamabad.

"I hope the situation in Hong Kong will get under control very soon," he said.

Henry Cai Yi, a Hong Kong deputy to the National People"s Congress, told media that no foreign forces can stop the country in safeguarding its sovereignty and security.

The five-month unrest in Hong Kong has seen violence escalating despite the efforts of the region"s government to ease tensions. Since Nov 11, to force others into so-called "work, study and shopping strikes", radicals have used violent and extreme means to sabotage public transportation, attack people with different opinions, smash pro-Beijing business outlets, and battle police with gasoline bombs, arrows, bricks and chemicals.

The radicals have severely damaged Hong Kong, while its residents, "regardless of class and background", are victims of the violence, said Yao Zhisheng, chairman of the Hong Kong Association for Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China.

"Xi"s words pointed a clear way for Hong Kong to end violence and chaos," Yao said.

The Hong Kong government on Nov 15 established an inter-departmental coordination body to handle the city"s current crisis. On Saturday, local residents joined police across the city in clearing road blockades that had brought parts of the city to a virtual standstill for the past few days.

Some universities have also morphed into battlefields, forcing students from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and foreign countries to leave their campuses.

Meruert Makhmutova, director of the Public Policy Research Center, a think tank based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, told China Daily that public order and security are vital for foreigners overseas, noting that many young people from Kazakhstan are studying in Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong is a model for the rest of China and the world (on) how liberalization of the economy, a fair justice system and competitiveness can foster economic growth and attract investors, providing free flow of capital, goods, information and talent," Makhmutova said.

In his remarks, President Xi said continuous radical activities in Hong Kong seriously trample the rule of law and social order, disturb prosperity and stability, and challenge the "one country, two systems" principle.

"Any government will make it a priority to safeguard its people"s lives, assets, security and social peace," said Brave Chan Yung, a Hong Kong deputy to the National People"s Congress.

"Protecting national security is a principle that applies to all countries and a common goal of all mankind," he was quoted by local newspaper Wen Wei Po as saying.

He Shusi and Xinhua contributed to this story.

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